The Johnstown Grain Terminal is licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission and operates pursuant to the Canada Grain Act. The Canadian Grain Commission has two main activities: the regulation of grain handling in Canada and the establishment and maintenance of standards of quality for Canadian grains.


The elevator complex comprises of: the main concrete structure of 389 silos ranging in capacity from 85 to 600 tonnes each; new annex consisting of 8 - 5000 ton bins; a hopper on north side of elevator for unloading vessels; shipping spouts for vessels; track shed for shipping and receiving grain by rail or truck; a grain dryer; a grain cleaner; and a bagger.


Important Points

STORAGE CAPACITY 170,000 tonnes / 6,500,000 bushels
LAND AND SIDE ACCESS Track shed capacity of two rail cars, two trucks or one of each. Parking capacity for 42 rail cars. Working capacity for 30 rail cars. Shipping rate of 1,000 tonnes per hour. Trucks Loading/Unloading, 120/day.
MARINE GRAIN RECEIVING Dock 398m +- / 1,309ft +-, Capacity to handle self-unloading ships at a rate of 1,200 tonnes per hour
MARINE GRAIN SHIPPING Dock 282m +- / 925ft +-, 11 loading spouts, loading rate of 1,800 tonnes per hour
GRAIN CLEANER Carter Day, screenerator with asperator, rate of 100 mt tonnes/hr.
GRAIN DRYER 2 burner natural gas fired generating 11,000,000 BTU's per hour, drying capacity of 100 tonnes per hour
BAGGER Model 800 Fischbein automatic bagging machine